Log collection solution

Ready-made MEAN (Mongo-NodeJS) stack that takes care of the data so you can focus on the app.



Vertically integrated IoT

Need a solution deployed fast? With our network of partners around the globe, we can get your solution integrated and deployed as fast as humanly possible

Hosted IoT platform

No time to do everything? Worried about compatibility? We’ve got your back! We’ll take care of everything, from connecting devices to hosting the platform. We’ll provide an API you can use in your app so you can get up and running within a day!

On-premises IoT platform

Must your business comply with strict government regulations? Do you possess sensitive data that you can only entrust to your best staff? We’ll bring our solution to you and make sure only you have access to your data from the moment it’s created

Use cases*


We monitor temperature and humidity sensitive environments 24 hours a day so the owner don’t have to worry about it. We’ll alert them if something went wrong.


Integrated with specialized sensors, we monitor machine output and status, providing data and insight into the process so it can be improved quickly


The building’s energy usage is collected and analyses to identify energy hungry devices and cut back on energy use

* Actively being used by existing customers

Works with


Our solution supports a wide range of IoT gateways and devices, from open source to proprietary. All you have to do is plug, we’ll make it play for you.

Partial list of devices we support

  • Raspberry Pi family
  • Beagle bone family
  • Libelium


We build our service as a platform with a wide range of use cases in mind, so we’ve provided an API you can use to take control of your data. The possibilities are endless!

We currently support IoT platforms built by companies from

  • Spain
  • Korea
  • Japan

Flexible pricing

We know nothing can beat free, so you can get started for free with 10 devices. Depends on your economic condition and requirements, we can provide you with a reasonable pricing scheme so we can grow together



We are looking for partners who can bring our products to the farthest corner of the world

Solution provider

Integrate with our platform and bring your solution online faster, increasing customer satisfaction

Device supplier

We are always looking for quality IoT devices to integrate into our platform and produce more flexible solutions for our customers.

Talk to us

Please give us details about your idea or any question you may have. Alternatively, you can pre-consult with us via social media